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  • The Times

     “Uvilite has developed a proven hospital-grade Ultraviolet UVC technology that protects and empowers people to fight germs when and where they want to.”

  • New York Netwire

    “Uvilite provides hospital-grade sterilization technology for everyday use. Uvilite has developed a safe and powerfully effective ultraviolet sterilizing light technology for everyday residential use.”

  • The Journal

    “Uvilite is a family-owned and operated business in California. Its mission is to provide safe and reliable products that protect and empower people. Customer service and support is their number one priority.”

  • E News Channels

    “With built-in safety features, a dual-sterilization effect (UV-C light and ozone generation), and a portable form factor, the Uvilite Torch is packed with the power of a sterilizing station, but in the form of a portable wand. Is a must have product.”

99.9% Effective

Powerful ultraviolet (UV-C) light is proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria! It sterilizes hard-to-reach areas that other cleaning methods cannot. 


Sterilize your items and stay protected against harmful pathogens. Skip the harsh chemicals and use light to safely sterilize your items.


Ultraviolet light has been trusted by medical professionals in the healthcare industry for generations to efficiently disinfect hospitals and destroy superbugs.

Fast & Easy

It takes only 3 minutes for ultraviolet light to break down and damage the DNA of bacteria and viruses, leaving it unable to function or reproduce.

Why use Uvilite?

We can wash our hands, but not our belongings. Don’t let them make you sick. Whether it be our phones, pets, steering wheel, etc. we are constantly touching and transferring millions and millions of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Take back control by sanitizing your belongings and space with Uvilite.

Uvilite helps keep you and your family virus & bacteria free - at home or on the go using our clinically proven UV-C and Ozone products. With Uvilite you can mitigate your health risks in many ways! Like safely reuse your face mask by sterilizing it with the Uvilite Mini! Or what about cars? They are hands-down one of the dirtiest places we interact with. Sanitize your car with the Uvilite Torch and make your vehicle a secure and clean space. The applications are limitless.

How does UVC Technology Work?

Ultraviolet UV-C and Ozone technology is sustainable, eco-friendly, and proven technology that has been in use for years by hospitals, banks, and more in order to sterilize and disinfect.

Ultraviolet UV-C light rapidly kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi by destroying their DNA - rendering them impotent and dead in mere seconds.

Ozone is an aerial disinfectant that sterilizes hard-to-reach areas where UV-C light is not able to properly make contact with. Ozone is efficient at killing any microorganisms it touches. Studies show that Ozone kills bacteria about 3,200 times faster than chlorine.

The combination of UVC+Ozone is clinically proven to be an efficient, fast, and safe way to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odors. All without the use of harmful chemicals.

Uvilite really brought the issue of cleanliness to light for me (no pun intended). I use my Uvilite Chamber every day, and it works like a clock. I'd highly recommend Uvilite to anyone who's looking to get serious about being safe.

Fantastic product. In these times, when COVID-19 is such a prevalent threat, staying clean has never been more important. Uvilite is the best new company in the UV sterilization world. Additionally, their customer service is top notch, they'll take care of their customers.

Uvilite is a great company. They have good outreach and customer support, and their product is great. I'd recommend Uvilite to anyone out there looking for quality UV sterilizing products.